Winter hand and nail care tips by Jocelyn Petroni


Today, we are delighted to be catching up with celebrity manicurist and nail expert Jocelyn Petroni to talk about nail and hand care during the colder months. 

Jocelyn Petroni at her salon.jpeg

Jocelyn, can you please describe what happens to nails and hands during winter?

During winter the oil and water content of the nails is less due to the changing climate conditions and increased heated air conditioning. A healthy nail plate requires optimal oil and water levels to give it bend and elasticity. So nails become more brittle and susceptible to chipping, splitting and peeling during winter. Skin on the hands can dry out, leaving the hands feeling chapped and red. Cuticles are also prone to becoming dry and ragged during winter. You will notice that your manicures won’t last as long during winter.


How should you be caring for your nails and hands in winter?

With lots of extra TLC! Winter is the time to dial up the care for all three areas - nails, cuticles and hands. I find many clients opt to take a break with their nails during winter and focus on restoring overall health to the area. This can be done in the comfort of your home and by scheduling regular treatment manicures. We have developed the Naked Manicure at Jocelyn Petroni as a solution for nail health concerns whereby each client receives a bespoke treatment after a nail consultation. This is a beautiful treatment that involves no polish and leaves the nails looking healthy, glossy and bright. Your nails need ‘downtime’, particularly if you are a fan of synthetic nail treatments, which can have a detrimental effect on the nails with prolonged use. 

I always advise clients to use a specific treatment product for the nails during winter, designed to support nail growth and condition. I love Mavala’s Mavaderma to feed the nail with proteins and stimulate optimum nail growth. Being an oil, it’s a wonderfully relaxing treatment to use before bed and massage into the skin just below the nail root and leave to work overnight. Regular hand cream application is essential to keep your skin supple and hydrated. Boost this by applying a thick layer of enriching cream overnight with cotton gloves over the top. Frequent application of cuticle oil is also important to provide relief and hydration to this area. 

I always discuss an inside out approach with clients… so much of your nail health is determined by your diet, so that is the first place to start. To promote healthy nail growth and maintain strong nails, a diet rich in varied vitamins, calcium and minerals is so important. A key mineral is silicium, which is like ‘cell cement’ and helps nails to grow faster and be more resistant. It’s found in vegetables, in particular garlic and onions.

Are there any supplements/treatments you advise clients to take or do to help nail health during winter?

A nail strengthening supplement is a great stop-gap for dietary deficiencies and highly recommended to improve nail health. By regularly looking after your nails with quality manicures and at-home treatment products, the winter effects will be minimised. 

What are the hottest hues for Autumn / winter?

You can have so much fun playing with nudes during winter, which complement all fashion shades and are so wearable and universally flattering. Nudes deliver a classic, feminine and natural look to the nails but it’s important to find your perfect nude. Look for shades that are not too opaque, not heavily pigmented and more transparent. I love layering nudes to create a bespoke effect. Mavala’s new Windsor shade is such a pretty nude base to start with. Try these nudes to layer over Windsor to create a natural-looking finish depending on your skin tone; dark skin tone - #47 Izmir, medium skin tone – #91 Reno and fair skin tone - #97 Witchita

What about shape and length, what trends are you seeing from the international runways?

Nail length is remaining short and natural, however the free edges of the nail are now starting to curve so the nail is not such a blunt square shape, but slightly more feminine. Keep corners of the nail clean and sharp to always achieve a polished finish.