How to Repair Damaged Nails in three easy steps.


Whether your nails are damaged from past use of gels or fakes, or if the cause is from using harsh detergents or chemicals, it can be hard to hide with a fresh coat of polish!

If you work in hospitality, are a cleaner or artist, or many other professions that require you to frequently expose your hands to harsh chemicals your nails can suffer. If you don’t already, try wearing gloves to help protect your finger nails and limit their exposure to chemicals, water and roughness that may cause breakage. While this may help to avoid damaged nails, the good news if the damage is already done, is that dull and flaky or brittle nails can be repaired with the use of the right products.

  1. File your nails with an emery board, which will prevent further damage and will quickly improve the appearance of your nails. If you need to reduce their length significantly, trim them with nail scissors or clippers before filing.

  2. Massage Nailactan cream to your nails each night for four to six weeks. For best results, use this on bare nails, but it can also be used over nail polish if required. This nutritive cream contains essential amino acids which have an anti dryness effect and reinforce the nail elasticity and suppleness by providing all the necessary nourishing elements to the nail roots

  3. Apply Mavala Scientifique penetrating nail hardener to the tip of the nail only. Leave on for a minute to set. Apply this once or twice a week at most until your nails have become heatlhy and strong, then two to three times per month if necessary.


Once your nails have begun to repair and you are ready to wear nail polish more regularly, firstly apply a moisturising base coat such as Barrier-Base for additional protection. It is also important to use Extra-Mild Polish Remover, as it is acetone-free, and will treat your nails with care.

Do you have a different type of nail damage that you would like to correct? Check out our Nail Problems page for more solutions.

What is the cause of your damaged nails? Have you tried these products before? Let us know what you think in the comments below!