MAVALA is celebrating 60 years!


In 2019, the Swiss family brand, which has become global while remaining small, is happy to celebrate its diamond anniversary with you.

Since the invention in 1959 of the first nail hardener, MAVALA Scientifique, by a visionary beautician in the kitchen of her apartment in the city centre of Geneva, MAVALA has developed its expertise by keeping its independence and its entrepreneurial spirit next to the world giants of beauty! A great example of success “made in Switzerland”.

Very quickly, the brand was able to assess the needs of women and offer them innovative products.

In 1962, creation of the Mini Color nail polish. Shine and long-lasting formula created for the first time in a mini format, allowing women to use their nail polish until the last drop, before it dries out! Less waste and more affordable. Available today in over 300 shades, they are always irresistible!

In 1967, launch of Double-Lash for longer and thicker eyelashes. Created as a night care, to allow women to use make-up according to their mood thanks to a wide range of MAVALA make-up!

In 1986, formulation of the Swiss Hand Care Programme, with its Repairing Night Cream containing hyaluronic acid, an ingredient little known at the time, especially in hand care.

In 2001, MAVALA extends its make-up range with the Moisturizing BB Cream, a multi-functional product combining the benefits of a light day cream and the qualities of a coloured foundation.

In 2016, launch of MAVALA Swiss Skin Solution, a range of expert and beneficial skin care products combining Alpine botanical treasures with advanced dermatological key ingredients. Its mission: to solve problems of demanding and delicate skins thanks to effective and sensorial solutions. Already present in some thirty countries, the demand for the range continues to rise with passion and enthusiasm.

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At Mavala, memories remain and are shared. They tell our story. On the occasion of our 60th anniversary, we wanted to share some of them with you.

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MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE, a legend is born!

60 years ago, MAVALA Laboratories created the first penetrating nail hardener. Its patented formula since 1959 aims to seal the layers of the nail plate together. An unequalled efficiency to harden nails, an amazing and long-term success.

In 2017, MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE becomes MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE K+ and enriches its formula with crystal resin from the famous pistachio tree from the island of Chios (Greece) to reinforce the keratinization of nails. A major breakthrough for this K-ult product!

MAVALA 002, an exceptional role in “Manicure Royale”…

In 1962, the release of the first James Bond inspired the name of MAVALA’s secret weapon for a long-lasting manicure: MAVALA 002 Double Action Protective Base (to be pronounced “double o two”!). It protects nails from coloured pigments and fixes the nail polish thanks to its slightly “sticky” formula, all for a long-lasting manicure. Mission accomplished: Diamonds are eternal… Manicures are almost too!

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MINI Color’s, a maxi revolution

Since its origin, MAVALA has been inspired by looking at women across the world, watching them live in order to capture their desires and needs. MAVALA “Duck” shaped bottles were replaced with the launch of the Mini Color’s in 1962 to reduce the big bottles accumulating in the bathroom, often thrown away as the product became dry. The small Swiss brand disrupts the world market of nail polish by launching mini sized nail polishes. An eco-friendly approach before its time, the expression of a passion colour.

HAND CREAM, the daily care for the softness of your hands!

A formidable technical feat, as this Hand Cream with collagen protects and moisturizes while being imperceptible. THE daily care par excellence, ideal for the whole family, to take everywhere. Hard to imagine that in 1964, this nomadic and handy treatment was sold in an elegant, immaculate white jar embellished with a gold MAVALA logo. A real luxury, now available to everyone!

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Lipstick, retro packaging, innovative formula!

In its range of products, since 1963, MAVALA expert in care and beauty, pays particular attention to the lips, expression of femininity and seduction! The brand then develops an innovative formula that combines comfort, long-lasting colour and hydration. In 1972, this iconic lipstick is adorned with a flashy orange tube, so seventies! Today, its classic and elegant tube has changed, but the formula remains as caring as always!

MASCARA – Curved brush, for an ultra-easy application and an impeccable result!

By racking our brains to find how to facilitate and optimize the application of mascara, we ended up twisting (with irritation or intuition? ...) a brush, which until then was straight... Thus was born, in 1975, the now famous MAVALA curved brush for an impeccable and smudge-free make-up!

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From then, till now…

Tomorrow’s challenges

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MAVALA is looking to the future to invent its next 60 years. We have built a relationship of trust with women, which is precious to us. To preserve and renew it for future generations, quality and innovation must remain at the heart of our DNA.
We also want to continue to expand geographically, especially on the Asian continent, which is an impressive reservoir of growth for MAVALA.
Finally, we have already taken the turn of science of the coming years: sustainable cosmetics. We are already hard at work to find alternative formulas respecting even more the environment, our health and, of course, that are just as effective.
An inspiring challenge for today and tomorrow.
— Doris Maute Bobillier, MAVALA S.A. CEO

This is how MAVALA has become one of the best-known Swiss cosmetic brands in the world.

Three generations of women, seduced by the efficiency and honesty of our products.

Keys to success that are both simple and rare: 60 years of advanced and responsible innovation, 60 years of quality, authenticity and sincere yet daring communication.

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