Let the sun be your inspiration. Discover the new Sunlight and Solaris Collections.


Why not give your lips that flattering “Instagram” filter effect with sunset, or berry shades, a timeless red or a just-kissed hue? With our Sunlight Lipstick Collection, the emphasis is on pure, ethereal beauty. This season, less is more!

These six new lipsticks may be used in a classic way, or in the “bitten lips” manner originating from South Korea: the lips are tinted with a subtle dose of colour, faded towards the edges, or smudged as if they had been passionately kissed...

Here is a natural palette from nude beiges and pinks, to burnt golds or browns, and bursting red, celebrating the sun, and playing with the promised dusk:

  • 591 Fantasy Rose*, a pink of a bewitching magic

  • 592 Terra Viva, a terracotta shade, the simple and elegant must have

  • 593 Coral Orange, a solar and luminous orange

  • 594 Scarlet Red*, a bright red as chic as scarlet

  • 595 Cloud Beige*, a soft and velvety beige

  • 596 Terra Rossa, a brown that has more than one trick up its sleeve

* Pearl colour.

The Sunlight Collection is a celebration of the sun and of life, an alliance of solar colours for an irresistible look!

The catwalks for the Spring-Summer 2019 Collections are clear on the wardrobe colour of the season: all shades of beige, more nature inspired, more neutrally minded. Earth tones are back in a big way: from sand to tan, cream and clay browns, as well as coral orange, THE colour of 2019. It is time to return to fundamental values, solar, mindful and fascinating.

For an on-trend look, start adjusting your wardrobe with warmer tones which evoke this gentle feel of a promising summer.

And for on-trend nails, chose our Solaris colors! This new collection celebrates life and energy while playing with a palette of sunshine shades and infinite variations of luminous earth tones and warm sunbeams.

The SOLARIS Collection showcases 6 vivacious and comforting colours:

  • 976 Shiraz, a soft-baked ochre

  • 977 Venezia, a sweet honeymoon brown beige

  • 978 Jodhpur, a deep pigmented blue, inspired by a canyon sky

  • 979 Phoenix, a radiant desert-hot orange

  • 980 Mykonos, a delicate sandy tone

  • 981 Cacao, a rich chocolate brown

The SOLARIS Collection is all about playing with the sun, and a promising radiant look!