Mavala partners with leading Australian beauty artisan, Jocelyn Petroni


Mavala is delighted to be partnering with Australia’s leading celebrity manicurist and nail expert Jocelyn Petroni. Renowned for her ‘photo-shoot’ worthy manicures and precision pedicures combining the ultimate nail care with on-trend colour palettes, Jocelyn and her team deliver unparalleled results and service.

Jocelyn has worked on some of the most beautiful and famous faces (and hands) in the world including Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale and Rachael Finch and frequently appears as a beauty expert in publications and media outlets such as Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE and Gritty Pretty.

Both Mavala and Jocelyn Petroni share a mutual philosophy and passion for optimum nail health - treatment and care are at the heart of both brands. Personalisation is essential as every possible nail concern and shade selection is treated with a bespoke solution. One of the signature Jocelyn Petroni manicures is the ‘custom-blend technique’, which draws upon Mavala’s large collection of nude shades to blend together the perfect shade for each unique skin tone. This follows an extensive treatment and colour consultation.

Jocelyn shares her thoughts on nails and working with Mavala… 

Nail love and health is important to you… why?

Nail love is about your nails being as healthy as they can be. A healthy nail has a good oil or water balance along with good blood circulation and nourished cuticles. Healthy nails are shiny with pink nail beds indicating good blood flow, strong white free edges and no discolouration. Meticulous manicures and pedicures strengthen and improve the condition of the nails long term, for optimal nail health. 

What do you love about Mavala?

Mavala is a great professional nail brand, made for professional nail experts with the salon line focused on healing, strengthening and repairing the nail. The nail care range is extensive so we can personalise our manicures based on the health of someone’s nails to help condition and treat the specific nail concern. Our naked manicures have become really popular as people look to take care of the nail.  Not wearing polish is a beautiful, elegant look and Mavala have the products to ensure the nail is in optimum health. Another great thing I love about Mavala is the ergonomically sized bottles with brushes that are easy to paint.

What are your favourite Mavala products and any top tips using them?

I have been a fan of the Mavala Scientifique nail hardener since I was a teenager as it is essential for nail health. It penetrates instantly, leaving no residue or shine on the nail, so is a key part of our naked manicures to help harden and strengthen the nail. I now use the Scientifique K+ nail hardener as the natural formula reinforces the nail and prevents breakages.  I also love the commitment to research to deliver the very best in nail health products, such as the Mava-Flex Serum which moisturises the nail. We incorporate these into our manicures and pedicures to ensure we are improving the health of the natural nail plate. 

What is important to you when looking for nail care products?

Keratin is the best for strengthening and repairing nails and I always look for ingredients that help strengthen keratin in my nail care products. In polishes you want to avoid formaldehyde, toluene, phthalate and parabens. 


How do you find that perfect nude for your nails?

Nail polish shades, especially nudes, should really be selected based on your skin tone, much like when shopping for a new foundation, lipstick or outfit. Cool skin tones suit anything with a blue base and warm skin tones anything with a yellow/orange base.  This is the primary way of determining the best shade for you…from there it’s a matter of trial and error. 

The key to painting nudes is to apply two or even three really thin coats. This will avoid streaking and achieve even coverage and opaquity. I personally love the understated look and wearability that nude shades offer and they work with any nail shape, whether your preference is short and slightly square or longer and rounder. However, no amount of nude polish will conceal poor nail health and unkempt nails, so I always advise my clients to keep their nail condition in order to achieve ‘photo-shoot worthy’ nude nails.

For more, or to book your own ‘photo-shoot worthy’ manicure, visit Jocelyn Petroni