1. Clean and remove nail polish

Remove old polish from the nails by holding a cotton pad soaked with nail polish remover firmly against the nail for a few seconds. Then wipe off with a single stroke. Repeat the process until all traces of polish are gone. Remove stubborn polish around the cuticles with a cotton-wool-covered cuticle stick dipped in remover or with the CORRECTOR for nail polish.


2. Shape nails

Shape the nails with an emery board. Lightly stroke form the edges of the nail toward the centre, holding the board under the edge of the nail and at a slight angle. Bevel for a smooth finishing touch and check for any remaining roughness. Avoid filing deep into the corners of the nails as it weakens them.


3. Form a neat nail contour

Apply CUTICLE REMOVER around the nail contour. Wait one minute and gently roll back the skin with a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton wool, working away the dead tissue to form a neat outline. Then pass the stick under the nails for a final touch-up.


4. Wash hands


Wash hands thoroughly and brush the nails with a soft manicure brush. Dry hands properly. Clean your nails with a cotton-wool dampened with Nail Polish Remover. Nail polish will not adhere properly if any oily film remains on the nail plate. If desired, polish with buffer for a very smooth nail surface. It also stimulates the root of nails and povides an elegant shine.


5. Apply appropriate nail care product

If nails are soft or tend to break easily, this is the point at which to apply a small amount of MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE penetrating nail hardener to the tips of the nails, being careful not to let it touch the cuticle or skin. For an optimal result, we recommend to use it only once or twice a week. Allow it to dry before going on with your manicure.


6. Apply a base coat

Brush on MAVALA 002 protective base coat to cover the entire nail surface. Let dry for a few minutes. It will remain slightly "tacky" to the touch which enables the polish to adhere better. If nails are fragile, use MAVALA BARRIER-BASE. Both products protect the nails from absorbing pigment contained in nail polish and lengthen the life of your manicure.


7. Choose your shade of nail polish

MAVALA's comprehensive range of nail enamel offers you a large palette of colours suitable for all tastes. Why not try something original and create a personal shade by using coats of different colours ?


8. Apply nail polish

Shake or roll the bottle of nail enamel before using. For nail polish to adhere properly, apply in two or three thin coats. Click on colour application technique below for some handy tips.

9. Apply a fixator

Lightly brush on coat of COLORFIX to protect against chipping and abrasion and to give an incomparable shine.


10. Apply a fast dryer

Finally, put on a coat of MAVADRY Nail Polish Dryer. In just one minute your nails are touch dry and the colour is enhanced.



soft, fragile or other types of nails may require attention and the use of adapted treatment products.

For further information, visit MAVACADEMY's nail beauty advice centre to find the right MAVALA solution to your specific need.


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