The best Lip Balm to prevent and treat dry, chapped lips this Winter


It’s a fact of winter - no matter how much you cover up and protect your skin from the combination of the weather and indoor heating, your lips are going to suffer. The best lip balms are not just hydrating but also healing as well.

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Why your lips need extra protection

Lips need special attention. Made up of pink mucous membranes, they are deprived of a natural protection (unlike the epidermis) which would guard it against external irritations. Therefore lips are more exposed to climatic conditions such as bad weather, wind, cold, sun and pollution.

Here at Mavala, all of our products are not just about beauty, but also about healing your skin and nails, and our lip balm is no exception. Mavala Lip Balm protects and takes care of your lips. It relieves damage, wraps them with its fine, velvety texture and with its subtle and much loved vanilla fragrance. It is a genuine restoring product for dry and chapped lips.

Why our Lip Balm works

Our Lip Balm protects and repairs your winter damaged lips, thanks to its balanced formula made from key botanical ingredients. Containing patterson’s curse, heart seed and sunflower oil, these ingredients combine to provide a shielding and soothing effect. These botanicals are then combined with apricot extracts, aloe vera, shea butter and filters. These help cell renewal, smooth, nourish and help prevent photosensitive and premature ageing. It is rated at SPF 15 and is free from mineral oil, phthalates and sodium laureth sulfate making it worry free.

How to use

As they say in sport, the best for of defence is offence; Apply our Lip Balm daily, as often as necessary, to protect your lips from damage. Of course, if you are in cold or dry environments you may need to use more often to ensure your lips stay soft and smooth. Also, if needed, use our lip balm regularly, including before bedtime, to restore and treat dry, damaged lips. Find additional and complementary solutions to your lip care and beauty needs at MAVACADEMY

Want a product to help your lips but you don’t love a balm? Try our Mavala Lipsticks, which are both a makeup product and a protective treatment.

Do you love our Lip Balm too? What is your favourite thing about it? Let us know in the comments below!