There are so many things to think of when preparing for a wedding. The major ones always get done in advance – rings, reception, car, dress. It is the smaller details that are often neglected until the last minute, LIKE YOUR HANDS AND NAILS.


There’s always time to improve your nails, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

Start this programme as soon as possible. A manicure once a week will soften your cuticles, encourage healthy nail growth and improve the appearance of your hands and nails.


Three Months Before

Begin daily use of NAILACTAN for nail strength and flexibility, and MAVADERMA for growth and stimulation. For smooth, flawless hands, use MAVALA HAND CREAM 2-3 times daily. Give yourself a weekly manicure incorporating the CLEANSING MASK, following the instructions under HAND CARE below.

One Month Before

Continue your manicure routine as before.  Every night use REPAIRING NIGHT CREAM so hands are revived and perfect for the Big Day. Select your polish – choose your color to compliment your dress and skin tones. Do not be tempted to wear a color with which you feel uncomfortable.

Every Day

Go on with your daily treatment by massaging into the base of your nails a small amount of NAILACTAN. This rich cream will nourish the nail root and help keep the nail plate smooth, while maintaining the essential moisture for strong flexible nails. Apply this product everyday to the nail root – even when wearing nail polish – and to bare nails once a week to allow it to work overnight.


Every Night

Skin cells, which form the nail plate, continue to regenerate while you sleep. So we recommend to go on with the daily application of MAVADERMA oil at bedtime. This is a protein-enriched oil which penetrates the matrix, helping stimulate growth.


The Night Before

A final manicure, then paint your nails. Make sure you can wait one hour to allow the polish to dry.


On The Day

Flexible Top Coat

Flexible Top Coat

Apply one final coat of COLORFIX to seal and add gloss to the nail polish.


Your hands play an important part of your day as everyone will want to see your new wedding ring. The skin on your hands is more exposed and finer than anywhere else on your body, so it needs appropriate care. Therefore MAVALA proposes a wide range of products specifically developed to allow you to obtain smooth and silky feeling hands.

Cleansing Mask for Hands

A gentle exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells leaving skin receptive to moisture. Use once a week with light massage action.

Repairing Night Cream

Intensive cure that vitalizes skin cell renewal and maintains moisture balance. For an optimal result, use enclosed cotton gloves, specially designed to wrap hands and help active ingredients penetrate efficiently while sleeping.


For a male manicure, follow the home manicure routine to step 4. Now you will need to add buffing which will stimulate the circulation and give a healthy shine.


Directions for buffing:

Nail Buffer

Nail Buffer

Use the grey pad, with slightly abrasive surface to even our ridges. Buff 5-6 strokes in one direction to each nail. This Grey MAVALA Buffer should not be used more than once a month. Follow up with the Pink MAVALA Buffer, which is stroked back and forth in long firm movements to polish the  nail surface. Use this buffer as often as you like.

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follow our advice FOR RADIANT HANDS, WHICH WILL brilliantly highlight your SPARKLING wedding rings!