Our 7 tricks for luscious lashes, plus a chance to WIN Double-Lash!


They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so it is no surprise that long, luxurious healthy lashes is high on most woman’s wish list. Not everyone is blessed with having them naturally, but with just a few extra steps in your beauty regime, you could be saying hello to incredibly looking natural lashes!



Treat your lashes with the TLC that they deserve, it is so important to remove all traces of make up overnight from your face and eyes. Choose your make up remover carefully, you need one that is light and alcohol free, combine this with a soft cotton pad and move gently in one direction. No picking at the mascara or rubbing your eye.


We are so familiar with moisturising our bodies every day, but not our eyelashes. Incorporating this into your beauty regime can help to prevent breakage and promote faster growth. So grab that vaseline, coconut oil or castor oil and get moisturising ladies to enjoy lustrous and voluminous lashes.

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Try out the magical powers of a growth enhancer. This incredible product contains vitamins and essential elements to help extend the growth phase and create longer denser lashes.


Brush those lashes twice a day. By doing this, you spread your lashes' natural oils over the full length of the lash, as well as promoting blood circulation. It also helps to rid your lashes of dust particles which can cause clogged pores.


Every once in a while take that well deserved break, be brave and go for a no make up look. Also try to limit the use of eyelash curlers as they weaken your lashes and make them prone to damage. Be kind to them.



Eat vitamin rich food to keep your lashes looking full and healthy. Vitamin C is good for the growth of normal hair and overall health. Vitamin D is known to reduce the chance of hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles. And vitamin E not only helps to boost hair growth, but also helps to keep you young and beautiful. What are you waiting for, get those vitamins into you!

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Massaging the eyelid promotes the growth of your eyelashes. It promotes the blood flow to your hair follicle, which in turn means that more nutrients can reach the follicle. Try following our eye care exercises twice a day for a few months and start to notice the difference. 

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Life is short, your lashes shouldn't be! To get you started on your journey to longer, fuller and stronger lashes, we give you a chance to win one of 10 Mavala Double-Lash nutritive treatments.

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