New summer collections of lipsticks and Nail Polishes


This summer is definitely the season to experiment with loads of colours! Fashion is bright and joyful. We see many radiant shades, with bold hues, featuring intense purple and luminous fuchsia.

This is a fact. Colour inspires, captivates, energizes, thrills us!

We see this in this year's fashion trends, but now you can also carry this trend through to your make-up, with multiple colours, rich, saturated, juxtaposed, playful, rebellious as the craziest, the most surprising, the most unlikely combinations are allowed this summer!

Discover Mavala’s new colourful and playful nail polishes and lipsticks to brighten your look this summer.

Color Inspiration Collection

COLOR INSPIRATION is a hymn to colours, inviting you to have fun and let yourself be inspired by a little touch of madness!

MAVALA's 6 new creations are dazzling and ultra shiny nail polishes, as intense as primary shades, as stimulating and enchanting as the Hindu colour festival of Holi, symbolically celebrating the arrival of spring.

  • 283 Coral Bay - A refreshing coral
  • 284 Purple Beach - A bright purple
  • 285 Rose Hill - A vivid fuchsia
  • 286 Red River - A blazing red
  • 287 Blue Mountains - An aqua blue
  • 291 Pink City - An elegant pink

Happy Zen Collection

The HAPPY ZEN Collection is a colourful step towards happiness! 

Variety and intensity of colour brings light, mastered contrast and extravagant joy to asserted outfits and looks. From this palette of shades, flowery and inspired by a lush and generous tropical nature, emerges a certain idea of happiness, fullness and reinvented freedom.

Echoing this positive aspiration of harmony and irresistible desire of colourful well-being, MAVALA created the HAPPY ZEN COLLECTION, with 6 radiant shades, to match with the 6 MINI nail polishes from COLOR INSPIRATION.

  • 631 Terra Nude - A warm, sunny beige
  • 632 Orange Smoothie - A sweet, mellow orange
  • 633 Glowing Violet - A floral, intense purple
  • 634 Shocking Pink - A tropical, luminous fuchsia
  • 635 Nectar Red - A blazing red
  • 636 Opal Rose - A quiet, peaceful pink

All shades are available in our online shop and from selected stockists Australia wide.