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Looking for a wind of change and freshness?

Daylight stretches, and the greys and dull colours of winter give way to a variety of pink tones for a healthy glow to sun-inspired beiges and dazzling whites. Neutral hues, pastels are regaining their glory days and are finally gaining delicacy and preciousness.

The weather is turning warmer and is inspiring fresh spring shades which wake up one’s good mood. The pinks are graciously tender like flower petals, the skin tones are sensually flirting with coral and tangerine, all in a cameo full of softness and light.

Let yourself be tempted by the DELICATE COLLECTION with its 6 MINI COLOR nail polishes by MAVALA and wander through this magnificent orchid garden of exquisite shades, perfect, for a subtle touch of elegance... to the tips of your fingers!

  • 253 Pink Orchid*, a gentle pink, soft like a petal
  • 254 Lilac Orchid, an evanescent mauve, aery like a breeze
  • 255 Iris Orchid, a discreet yet chic violet
  • 257 White Orchid*, a subtle and pure white
  • 258 Cream Orchid, an elegant ivory beige
  • 263 Mango Orchid, a delicate tangerine

With DELICATE COLLECTION, give yourself a little softness and refinement!

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The Delicate Collection is available online and in pharmacies Australia wide.

* Pearl shades