How to stay warm in winter... tips from Switzerland!


Contrary to popular Swiss belief, Australia can actually get a little chilly sometimes... especially if you live in the south! In Switzerland, we know a thing or two about cold weather, so here are some tips to keep you warm without having a big impact on your heating bills.


Let the light in

Use as much natural and free heat from outside and open up the curtains during the day and let the sunlight. Close the curtains as soon as the sun begins to set to retain the heat.


Shut the doors

This will keep the heat in the rooms which are most in use. Use a draught stopper to ensure cold air doesn’t seep into the rooms you’re trying to keep warm.


Stay warm while you sit

Your body temperature will drop while sitting still. Use a hot water bottle or blanket while lounging around.

Winter clothes

Make smart decisions when shopping for winter clothes. Avoid cotton and look for polyester, wool and things with `down` filling.


It’s all about layering

If you wear quite a lot of thin layers the air gets trapped in between the layers. It also means layers of clothing can be removed if you're warming up. Make sure you have a back-up coat at work for any extra layer required.

Hot Drinks

Drinking hot beverages won’t warm you up, but it does make you feel warmer due to the stimulation of other thermo-sensors in your stomach.

And remember, an Aussie summer is just around the corner waiting for you... that's something we've learnt here as we don't have this luck in Switzerland!