Winter nail care, some tips and a chance to WIN!


Winter can be rough on hands and nails

Nail growth slows down during the winter months when a drop in temperatures coincides with a reduction in blood circulation. Blood flow to the matrix (the root of the nail) is compromised, the engine room for the healthy production and growth of nail tissue. As environmental conditions change with less moisture in the air, nails are affected just as the skin is and the nail plate becomes more dehydrated. Not to mention, switching between temperature extremes of warm heating indoors and cool condition outdoors.

Skin on the hands is susceptible to becoming red, dry and chapped as the moisture barrier is compromised during winter. Nail condition is weakened, so you will likely notice nails becoming dryer, being more brittle, softer or even peeling. Cracked, dry cuticles are often a result of a change in weather, which not only look unsightly but can be painful too!  All of these conditions affect how your manicure looks like and how long it lasts.


Special care is required during this time of year to maintain beautiful hands and nails

Like with your skin, this is the time of year to introduce some additional steps into your hand and nail care routine to compensate for the winter aggressors. A little bit of TLC with your nails will go a long way in protecting your manicure! Your hands and nails need to be ‘nursed’ back to health, so be sure to apply specific rich, nutritive treatment products, such as Nailactan on your nail roots and Mava+ on your hands. Always protect your nails with a base coat before applying your nail polish. Barrier base is a great one to use in winter as it is water based, very gentle on nails and moisturising. 

Keep your nails shorter during winter, with regular filing, using a supple wood based emery board. Always use a gentle, acetone-free remover, which is much less drying on the nail. Take care to wear gloves while using water and detergent. Drink lots of water to compensate for the extra dehydration and ensure your diet is rich in vitamins (A,B,C,D and E) and minerals (calcium, iron, silicium) to ‘feed’ healthy nail growth. Nail-loving supplements are also an option during winter months.


WIN one of three Mavala nail care kit

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