Everything you need to know about lipstick


Lipstick defines your makeup look and there should always be at least one shade in every makeup bag. However, applying flawless lipstick can be tricky, making sure it lasts the distance is no walk in the park, and knowing the best shade for your skin tone can be another challenge! So how do makeup artists do it? Want to know what sneaky tricks they use? Keep reading to find some amazing hacks that should be part of your daily routine!



First and foremost ladies, moisturise those lips to create the perfect canvas to apply your carefully chosen shade. Exfoliate lips gently with a soft brush and apply a lip balm to ensure lips are smooth and luscious before applying colour.



To help lipstick last and keep colour in place, use a neutral lip liner over the entire lip before applying your lipstick. This will make sure it lasts the distance. Remember to only define the natural shape of your lips and no more for a beautiful natural look.

Do you find the colour looks different on your lips than in the tube? Simply apply a touch of foundation as a base on your lips in order to achieve a true colour.



Another trick for making your lipstick last longer is to apply the colour, blot, reapply and then blot again. This will remove excess oils and will keep that colour where you want it. Be sure to use lint free blotting paper rather than tissue, then dust with a thin layer of powder and you are ready for that party!



To achieve a fantastic pout, apply a natural colour lip liner followed by your chosen lip shade. Then apply some shimmer to your cupids bow and centre of lower lip followed by your lip gloss. Naturally voluptuous lips here we come!



Picking the right shade to match your skin tone can be tricky, we are here to help.

Fair skin: opt for warm pale pinks, nudes that are slightly peachy and light coral. Stay away from brown shades.

Medium skin: go darker, look for rose colours, mauves and berries. Skip that bright red.

Dark skin: go for more deep plums, chocolate or red.

Do you have any other lipstick tricks? Please share below! And for more on lipstick application, visit our lip make-up tutorial at Mavacademy.