Christmas presents – Last minute help

If you procrastinated on your holiday shopping or simply just forgot Christmas was a thing, don't panic. Getting caught shopping for last-minute presents happens to the best of us.

We've got you covered and wrapped up some ideas that'll pop a smile on her face this Christmas.

Mavala Mini’s

Because you can never have too many shades. Not only is nail polish a fun present to give, but also, it's every season's must-have accessory. The small bottles are perfect for travel or handbag. Choose from over 160 shades. And to make an even bigger impact, choose from one our special Christmas gift sets, each showcasing at least one of our Mini Color's.

Hand Cream

If there's one present you can't go wrong with for both men and women this Christmas, it's hand cream, especially as our skin can become extremely dry during the Summer months. The Mavala Hand Cream is specially formulated for dry, damaged hands and sensitive skin. And for an even stronger dose of hand care, try Mava+, which also comes in the Hand & Nail Protection gift set


Eye lashes are an essential element of face beauty. Our Eyelash Serum is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.

Mavala Double-Lash makes eyelashes and eyebrows healthier, longer and more resistant. It gives them a natural silky appearance. 

Eye Liner

Eyeliner is one of those can't-live-without beauty products for its magical ability to transform the shape of any eye.

Specifically developed for the delicate eyelid area, the Mavala Eye Liner can be easily applied without smearing thanks to its brush made of Toray, which enables a precise fine line to be drawn.

And for an even greater range of colours, a selection of our 17 shades of Khol Kajal eye liner pencil will make for a fun and colourful present.


Call it our vice, but you can never have too many lipsticks. And the Mavala Lipstick is a two in one gift: A make-up product and a protective treatment. It glides on easily while leaving a fine and uniform layer. Hour after hour, its satin gloss remains outstanding, it stays on perfectly and its colour expresses itself with an incomparable fidelity. Presented in a silver box, great for offering.


Let it glow - the perfect gift for that special someone who loves a highlighted, glowy look. Mavala Blush Iridescent results from an innovative idea: a cream that turns into a silky powder once on the skin, thanks to a judicious combination of ingredients that disappear once on the skin.

To find your Christmas present, visit your nearest stockist, which you can find using our store locator.