The First Date Look


We all know that scenario: He finally asked you out on a date and you couldn’t be happier - but all you can think of is what to wear. From the location to the outfit, the name of the game is to present your best without looking like you tried too hard.

The outfit you choose to wear for your first date should, of course, fit the setting, but within that basic constraint, there is plenty of room to dress for comfort, approachability and you.


Here are some easy tips you can follow and we are sure you will nail your look:

  • Comfort should be your first priority. Find clothes that fit you well and flatter your body shape.
  • Choose a colour or outfit that you’re often complimented on.
  • Don’t show too much skin, this can be off-putting. Focus on a best asset to show off and that’s it.
  • Avoid heavy make up and red lipstick. Choose a nude colour which complement your skin tone and a matching nail polish. Visit Color-Match for some inspiration!
  • Don’t wear anything that you can’t walk in, eat in, or breathe in.
  • Let your beautiful hair be free. Men like to imagine running their fingers through it.
  • Consider whether those new shoes will blister your feet if your date suggests a romantic stroll.
  • Wear at least a little bit of colour rather than all black, it creates a more upbeat and relaxed vibe.

Keep in mind that most men don’t follow women’s clothing trends, so there is little chance he will care whether you are dolled up like a fashion plate. Dress in the style you prefer and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Dating should be fun!