What to stow when you're on the go?

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Planning a trip away and you can only bring a carry-on bag? There's no need to say bon voyage to looking your best. Travel light and still feel like you have all your beauty needs on hand with this checklist.

Dry Shampoo

Because let's be honest, we're not washing our hair every day on a holiday. A small travel size will last a few days.


If you don't have travel-size products on hand, transfer your shampoo into a smaller container to fit in your carry-on.

Make up remover

Our Cotton pads are saturated with eye make-up remover lotion. They effectively removes all make-up without irritating the skin.

Convenient for travel kits so you don't have to travel with a potentially bulky and spillable bottle of face wash.

Nail polish remover

No matter how tightly you secure the cap on your nail polish remover, some always seems to end up spilling out and creating a mess in transit. The Mavala Nail Polish Remover Pads are quick and easy to use, packed in a practical container of 30 pads.


Mavala Mini’s

Keep your tips in top shape by packing a favourite polish. Mavala Mini’s come in a wide range of colours to fit any occasion or mood. The small pots are perfect for travelling or your handbag.

Tinted Cream

Our multitasking make-up superstar: Packing BB cream is a great way to keep your items low, as it is like lotion, sunscreen and foundation built into one.

To avoid hold-ups in the security line, pack it in a zip-top bag so the TSA won't have to rifle through your make-up.


A hard-working concealer is an absolute must have for any red-eye trip where you're not expecting to get much sleep.


Take your favourite perfume anywhere. Transfer a few mills of your scent into a plastic perfume atomiser bottle. They are cheap, travel-friendly and last forever.