yellow, stained, dull nail?



Yellow, stained, dull nails offer an unsightly aspect. Besides, this condition can affect the colour of your nail polish, turning it into a dirty beige, a yellow or a dull red, when applied. This phenomenon is generally due to tobacco or the application of nail polish directly onto the nail plate, without a base coat.


Nailactan treatment cream, massaged in every night, over the root of the nails, will help promote the growth of healthy nails. We also recommend that you use the Mavala Buffer Kit. The grey Buffer (no more than once a month) smoothes and reduces staining, while the pink Buffer gives the nails a healthy sheen. 

Mava-White, optical colour brightener for your nails is the ideal solution to give them a natural and healthy look. It stays matt when used alone, but can also be used under your manicure.