WHAT TYPE OF eye make-up remover to use ?



The eye contour is the most delicate area of the face, it is essential to remove make-up correctly without irritating this area. Sometimes, the type of remover used is not efficient nor gentle enough and unsuitable for the make-up used. Therefore, eyes are excessively rubbed, unnecessarily irritated and often badly cleansed.






For a water resistant make-up, you may use the Eye Make-Up Remover Gel, which cleanses quickly, efficiently and gently. It contains calming azulene and is fragrance free.

Alternatively, the Eye Make-Up Remover Pads are saturated with a gentle remover lotion, slighty oily, that removes quickly and easily all traces of normal or waterproof make-up. These pads are specially developed for the delicate eye contour. Ideal for travel.

Finally, for a non-waterproof make-up, use the Eye Make-Up Remover Lotion. Gentle and non-greasy, it removes make-up easily and without rubbing.