tired or dull skin?



Stress, lack of sleep, external elements (sun, pollution, wind, misused products,...) or internal factors (hepatic or digestive disorders,...) can damage the skin's balance and condition. When this is the case, the face appears tired, drawn, lacking radiance. Features may feel tight or complexion may appear dull.


You need an appropriate smooth yet efficient cleanser to best prepare your skin. Remove all make-up, even waterproof make-up, with the Alpine Softness Micellar Water, a dermo-cleanser which perfectly cleanses and dissolves make-up and urban toxins while respecting even the most delicate skins and eyes. For a gentle cleanse, use PORE DETOX Foaming Cleanser which gently cleanses, removes make-up and impurities. Its physiological pH, soap and paraben free micellar formula, unblocks pores without drying the skin.

To respond to the principal need of your skin: apply SKIN VITALITY Healthy Glow Serum every morning to give an immediate radiant glow to your complexion. This moisturized vitamin enriched antioxidant serum preserves the skin from external aggressions, leading to premature ageing and restores radiance to the complexion. Follow with a daily application of SKIN VITALITY Healthy Glow Day Cream, vitamin enriched skincare concentrated in vitalising Swiss Apricot extract, rich in provitamin A, toning and antioxidant.

Improve your skin texture with the SKIN VITALITY Sleeping Mask “Baby Skin” Radiance. Apply a thin layer on clean face at night (avoiding the eye and lip contour). Leave it to penetrate and infuse overnight to transform the quality of your skin night after night. This new generation formula detoxifies, unifies and smoothes the skin while providing a healthy glow complexion.

To complete the benefits of the other face care products used every day: Beauty-Enhancing Micro-Peel is a creamy gum-like scrub that gently liberates the skin from dead cells and stimulates micro-circulation for an immediate radiance. Use once a week to improve the penetration of your day cream or sleeping mask into the skin. 

To hydrate and replenish your complexion from the first signs of fatigue, spray SKIN VITALITY Alpine Micro-Mist on your face. Enriched with decongesting cornflower water, it leaves your skin feeling quenched, soft and energized. For an even more spectacular effect, you may keep the product in the refrigerator before use.