thick, inflexible nails?



This condition occurs because the keratin has become impregnated with calcium or silicon. This type of nail is often associated with persons suffering from arteriosclerosis. Frequent hard manual labour can also produce excessive keratinization and thick nails.


The Mavala Buffer Kit is an effective solution for this type of nail: the grey Buffer smoothes the surface and the pink Buffer gives the nail a healthy sheen.

Twice a week, brush Mava-flex moisturising serum onto the entire nail surface, after having removed any trace of nail polish, grease or oil with Mavala Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover. Massage in with your thumb. Leave to penetrate overnight.

We also recommend the same protection as for healthy nails: use Mavala 002 double-action base coat to protect and prolong the life of your manicure, and Mavala Colorfix over dry nail polish for additional protection against flaking of nail polish. To avoid adding further thickness to your manicure, use Oil Seal Dryer to fast dry your manicure without adding another layer.