SUITABLE MAKE-UP for delicate or sensitive eyes ?



The eye contour is the most delicate area of the face and its skin does not have any sebaceous glands to ensure a natural lubrication. The eyes blink, smile, open and close thousands of times a day. These constant movements, the lack of rest or specific care products are all factors that can cause sensitization, even irritation sometimes, of the fragile area of the eye contour and of the eyes themselves.






Your eyes require a gentle make-up, to respect your sensitivity. Creamy Mascara, protein enriched, protects and treats lashes while enhancing their natural appearance.

Then you can draw a fine and precise line with the Eye Liner, specially developed for the delicate skin of the eyelids.

The Khôl-Kajal crayon may also be used to emphasize your look with a fine and discreet line or a blurred stroke, ideal for sensitive eyes due to its extra-mild formula.