Eyebrows can be naturally sparse, growing too little or too slowly. This can also be due to bad or over enthusiastic eyebrow plucking. Eventually, the hair grows slowly and irregularly. In addition a fair complexion and hair generally means fair eyebrows and these are often fine and thin and, therefore, not visible.






Apply Double-Lash every night on perfectly clean eyebrows using its applicator brush. This stimulates the growth of lashes and eyebrows, thanks to specially adapted nutrients which lengthen and strengthen them.

To accentuate and draw eyebrows, use the Eyebrow Pencils, which are gentle, firm and non-greasy. They allow a neat application by using small and precise strokes, without overloading the hair for a natural effect. They mostly contain natural ingredient which perfectly react with the skin, whatever your complexion may be. The handy spiral brush allows the final touch to perfect eyebrow make-up.