nail with transversal grooves?



This condition can be caused by severe infection which harms the matrix and shows up as a deep groove running across the nail, which grows out with time. In certain chronic conditions, such as eczema, "manicure trauma", etc. waves may appear, separated by expanses of normal nail.


The Mavala Buffer Kit is an effective solution for traversal ridged nails: the grey Buffer smoothes the surface and the pink Buffer gives the nail a healthy sheen. Ridge Filler, a specific treatment product developed for more deeply ridged nails, evens out surface irregularities and prepares the nail for manicure. 

Nailactan treatment cream, massaged in every night, over the root of the nails, will help promote the growth of healthy nails. In extreme cases or when the use of Mavala products does not give satisfactory results, we suggest consulting a dermatologist for a complete diagnosis and recommended treatment.