THE MAVALA face and neck massage


We recommend a few beneficial toning movements which, if performed once a week, will help maintain and improve the vitality of the skin on your face and neck, and allow you to maximise the benefits of using a SKINcare product.


1. Prepare your skin


Prepare your skin for facial and neck massage as follows:

Effleurage: To improve absorption, warm the cream between the palms of your hands and then apply with light and smooth movements.

On your face: From the mid line outwards and upwards from chin to forehead. 
On your neck: From the top in a downwards direction.

2. Improve the tone and elasticity of your skin

To improve the tone and elasticity of the skin and to soften it:

Pinching movement: With rapid, successive movements, pinch the skin between your thumb and first finger by lifting the layers.

The "Jacquets" Pinching Method: This is the same exercise as above but with firm, rotating movement while pinching the skin.

On your face and neck: From the centre outwards working up from the neck.

3. Stimulate blood circulation

To stimulate blood circulation and improve the vitality of the skin:

"Slapping" movement: Place your right hand on left cheek (axillary zone) between jaw and cheek bone. With quick movements, tap skin with fingers from the jaw upwards. Use your left hand for the right cheek. On each chin: Start from the middle and work outwards.

"Piano Playing" movement: Place both hands on your lower face and then using the pads of your fingertips, move your fingers alternatively in a piano playing movement.

On your face: Start from a mid line outwards, working upwards from chin to forehead.

4. Soothe skin


To soothe the skin after these toning movements:
End with a light effleurage.