lightly stained or yellow nail?



Nails are generally yellow or stained due to tobacco or the application of nail polish directly onto the nail plate, without a protective base coat.


We recommend that you use the Mavala Buffer Kit. The grey Buffer (no more than once a month) smoothes and reduces staining, while the pink Buffer gives the nails a healthy sheen.

To exfoliate any impurity from the nail and its contour, once or twice a week, after removing your nail polish and shaping nails, gently massage a small quantity of Lightening Scrub Mask on bare wet nails and cuticles (for 10-20 seconds each finger). Rinse off with lukewarm water, using the MAVALA nail brush. Dry well with a towel.

Always apply Mavala 002 base coat to provide a protective barrier between coloured pigments contained in nail polish and the nail itself. Use Mavala Extra-Mild Nail Polish Remover to remove nail enamel, as it is acetone-free, and will treat your nails with care.