THE MAVALA eye make-up technique


Eyes are the most notable facial feature. They communicate joy, happiness, sadness, health and well-being. The Mavala Eye care and beauty products help you make the most of your eyes. All the products in the range have a double-action : first treatment (care) and then make-up (beauty).


How to make up eyes

  • Begin by applying EYE BASE which improves the adherence and appearance of eye make-up.

  • Apply eye shadow SILKY EYE SHADOWS or CRAYON LUMIERE to upper eyelid.

  • To obtain a more dramatic look place a dot of a darker shade in the middle of the eyelid and smooth out.

  • Highlight make-up by using a pastel SATIN EYELID POWDER colour on the underbrow.

  • Lightly blend the colours with applicator or fingertips.

  • Define the eye contour with KHOL-KAJAL, by drawing a fine line close to the lashes to underline the eye. If you prefer, draw the fine line in the interior of the lids for a larger look, or draw a fine line with EYE LINER on the upper eyelid.

  • Brush eyebrows and draw them either lightly for a subtle look or strongly for a more dramatic effect with an EYEBROW PENCIL.

  • Brush lashes before applying mascara.

  • Choose a shade of mascara to harmonize with your make-up. Apply two coats to thicken and lengthen lashes.

  • For a sophisticated touch, apply a more vivid colour to the tips of eyelahes. For example, coordinate Bleu Glacier MASCARA with Bleu Minuit MASCARA.

  • Choose a colour that complements your eyes and enhances their colour and form.


How to make the most of your eyes

Eyes are the first thing we notice in a face. Make-up is important for correcting imperfections and a good technique together with an attractive choice of eyeshadow can give remarkable results.

Proportioned Eye

  1. Apply light shadow to lid.

  2. Apply medium-tone shadow just above crease as shown, gradually darkening towards the outer edge of eye to bring it "up and out".

  3. Blend to soften.

  4. Brush on mascara.


Prominent lid, small underbrow

  1. Apply light shadow to underbrow and crease.

  2. Use a darker shadow on the outer third of underbrow, blending gently toward the outer end of the brow.

  3. To make your lid recede, apply a medium neutral shadow to the inner two-thirds of the lid. Do not apply to crease if it is dark and sunken.

  4. Blend to soften.

  5. Brush on mascara sidewards to lengthen lashes.


Small lid, large underbrow

  1. Apply light shadow to lid and underbrow.

  2. Use a darker shade in the form of a half moon just above the crease to sculpture and minimize underbrow. This will "open" your eye and keep it from appearing droopy.

  3. Blend to soften.

  4. Brush on mascara.


Small lid, small underbrow

  1. Apply pale shadow similar to your eye colour to entire underbrow area.

  2. Use a darker shadow on the outer one-third of the lid, blending gently upwards towards the outer end of the brow.

  3. Blend to soften.

  4. Brush on mascara.