dull complexion?



The complexion is dull when there is a lack of freshness and luminosity. Tiredness, general health condition, different skin problems, a lack of care and protection of the face's epidermis, wrong or misused make-up products can alter the quality and visual appearance of the face's skin, therefore complexion loses its radiance and becomes dull.


You can restore brightness to your face by making your complexion fresher and more luminous.  

Mavala Moisturizing Tinted Cream helps the skin to protect itself against environmental damage, maintain the skin's ideal moisture level and visibly diminishes the appearance of any skin irregularities. It assures a light, uniform and easy application and gives a healthy look.

Used after or by itself, Mavala Wet and Dry Powder provides a uniform and matt complexion and makes it luminous. It reacts well with the skin and provides complete adherence. It also provides an exceptional comfort, brings to make-up a velvety and long-lasting finish. It allows you to vary the amount of coverage your prefer, with either a dry or wet sponge.

These products come in different shades to adapt to each type of complexion and to respond to every style and taste.

It is important to take care of your skin by using treatment products which are adapted to your type. MAVALA face care range will give you the solution.