very dry, devitalised skin?



Very dry, devitalized skin is extremely thin and is characterized by a very fine structure, an insufficient superficial and deep moisture level, a dull complexion, a lack of tonicity and suppleness. Blemishes are often more numerous: roughness, flakiness, lines and wrinkles, redness, skin's loosening, pigmentary blots,...


You need an appropriate smooth yet efficient cleanser to best prepare any skin type: Caress Cleansing Milk delicately removes make-up, impurities and traces of pollution. Its botanical extracts refresh, smoothe and soothe skin, while maintaining a good moisture balance. Caress Toning Lotion gently completes cleansing of the skin. Its plant extracts have astringent, refreshing, smoothing and lightly purifying properties, while helping keep a perfect moisture level. Without alcohol.

To respond to the essential needs of your skin, apply AQUA PLUS Intensive Serum every morning to assure moisture, regeneration and protection, thanks to its high concentration in hyaluronic acids. Follow with a daily application of SKIN VITALITY Healthy Glow Day Cream, vitamin enriched skincare concentrated in vitalising Swiss Apricot extract, rich in provitamin A, toning and antioxidant.

As a night complement, AQUA PLUS Multi-Moisturizing Sleeping Mask is the ideal product. A truly nocturnal moisturizing infusion, it helps the skin restore its water reserves and reinforce the protecting cutaneous barrier.

To hydrate and replenish your complexion from the first signs of fatigue, spray SKIN VITALITY Alpine Micro-Mist on your face. Enriched with decongesting cornflower water, it leaves your skin feeling quenched, soft and energized. For an even more spectacular effect, you may keep the product in the refrigerator before use.