BREAKING, FINE, fragile lashes ?



Eye lashes are essential for the beauty of eyes. Long and silky, they give to eyes a velvety and mysterious look. If they split or appear weak and thin they deprive the eyes of their beauty and become more difficult to make-up.





You must remove your eye make-up gently. Eye Make-Up Remover Lotion has a gentle and non-greasy formula, efficient for a non-waterproof make-up.

Apply Double-Lash on perfectly cleansed lashes from the root to the tip with its applicator brush. It stimulates their growth, thanks to the nutrients it contains, lengthens and strengthens them.

As a daytime complement, use Creamy Mascara, protein enriched, which covers your lashes one by one, lengthens and beautifies while protecting them. Its brush is curved for a perfect application as it separates the lashes.