Appearance of wrinkles around the eyes ?



The eye contour is the most delicate area of the face and its skin does not have any sebaceous glands to ensure a natural lubrication. The eyes blink, smile, open and close thousands of times a day. These constant movements, the lack of rest or specific care products are all factors causing dehydration, i.e. appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.





Your eye make-up must always be removed gently. A suitable eye make-up remover is the Eye Make-Up Remover Gel which has a gentle (due to its calming azulene), efficient and fragrance free formula. It perfectly removes waterproof make-up, without rubbing.

The Eye Contour Double Cream is an active treatment to be used at night by slightly tapping a small amount onto the eye contour. It moisturizes, revitalizes, reduces and prevents wrinkles, tones and protects the delicate skin.

At daytime, use the light and refreshing Eye Contour Gel which prolongs the beneficial effects of theDouble Cream. It protects, moisturizes and reduces puffiness. It can also be used as a make-up base.