very oily skin?



Oily skin is quite thick and characterized by excessive sebaceous secretions, forming a shiny film on the epidermis. It might suffer from acne. Its structure is rough and its pores are dilated and often clogged up with blackheads. The complexion is blotchy, yellowish or greyish. Its moisture level is generally insufficient (sebum does not protect the epidermis). An inappropriate or even non-existent treatment worsens these problems.




You need an appropriate smooth yet efficient cleanser to best prepare any skin type: Mavalia Cleansing Foam absorbs and instantly eliminates excess sebum and any other impurity. Its "polyfruit" complex gently scrubs dead cells, likely to block dilated pores, while improving collagen synthesis. Mavalia Specific Toning Lotion completes cleansing of skin. Its ingredients help balance skin's natural oil and close pores, while toning and purifying However this skin type must be moisturized and protected every day: Mavalia Matifying Cream contains sodium PCA for an ideal moisture balance; microspheres as a long-lasting absorbing agent of sebum excess; astringent mallow, vitamin E, and UVA and UVB filters for a better protection and beautified skin. To complete the action of your daily treatment products: Mavalia Balancing Mask helps skin regain its ideal balance. Its micro-sponge complex with a "sebo-catching" effect will immediately matify the epidermis and the extract of burdock root regulates and purifies damaged skin.