very dry, devitalised skin?



Very dry, devitalized skin is extremely thin and is characterized by a very fine structure, an insufficient superficial and deep moisture level, a dull complexion, a lack of tonicity and suppleness. Blemishes are often more numerous: roughness, flakiness, lines and wrinkles, redness, skin's loosening, pigmentary blots,...




You need an appropriate smooth yet efficient cleanser to best prepare any skin type: Mavalia Comfort Cleansing Milk delicately removes make-up, impurities and traces of pollution. Its botanical extracts refresh, smoothe and soothe skin, while maintaining a good moisture balance. Mavalia Smooth Toning Lotion gently completes cleansing of the skin. Its plant extracts have astringent, refreshing, smoothing and lightly purifying properties, while helping keep a perfect moisture level. Without alcohol. To respond to the universal yet essential needs of skin: Mavalia Renovating Cream, applied every morning, helps your skin restore its own barrier function and improve its state thanks to Coenzym Q10, anti-ageing, shea butter, firming, and moisturizing and moistening factors. It also contains a patented active ingredient which gives an efficient protection against pollution, ozone, and UV rays. As a night complement, Mavalia Hydro-Active Night Cream is the ideal product, with its exclusive Q10PP™ Complex, helping stimulate natural collagen synthesis and skin cell renewal, its vitamin cocktail and its nourishing, calming, firming, reducing redness and highly moisturizing plant extracts.