normal to dry and sensitive skin?



Normal skin tends to become dry and sensitive because of lack of water that dries it out. It shows small lines, easily exfoliates and becomes more irritable. It loses suppleness and tonicity. The complexion is no longer fresh and radiant. This skin is subject to little blemishes: redness, flakiness, premature wrinkles, roughness,... Normal skin, without any apparent problem, must fight against certain external aggressions (climatic, unsuitable or misused cosmetic products,...) and internal factors (hepatic or digestive disorders,...) which might help deteriorate and dry it out.




You need an appropriate smooth yet efficient cleanser to best prepare any skin type: Mavalia Comfort Cleansing Milk delicately removes make-up and impurities. Its botanical extracts smoothe and soothe skin. Mavalia Smooth Toning Lotion gently completes cleansing of the skin. Its plant extracts have astringent and refreshing properties. Without alcohol. To respond to essential needs of skin: Mavalia Multivitamin Cream, applied every morning assures moisture, regeneration and protection, thanks to its botanical extracts and vitamins. Excellent make-up base. As a night complement, Mavalia Hydro-Active Night Cream is the ideal product, with its exclusive Q10PP™ Complex, helping stimulate natural collagen synthesis and skin cell renewal, its vitamin cocktail and its nourishing, calming, firming, reducing redness and highly moisturizing plant extracts. To complete the benefits of the other face care products used every day: Mavalia Firming Mask, to be applied once a week, improves skin's elasticity and firmness in a gentle and long-lasting way. Combines notably a Complex of natural anti-ageing ingredients with botanical extracts and shea butter, protecting and firming. To help prevent skin from premature ageing around eyes and lips and to smoothe lines and wrinkles: Mavalia Structuring Serum. Applied every day or in cure the synergy of its ingredients has a firming and tightening effect on the eyes and lip contour.