normal skin without any apparent problems?



Normal skin, without any apparent problem is the reflection of the system's well-balanced activity. This skin has a regular cell renewal and a fine structure. Well moisturized, both superficially and deeply, and correctly irrigated, it has a good flexibility and tonicity. However external aggressions (sun, pollution, wind, unsuitable products,...) or certain internal factors (hepatic or digestive disorder,...) can harm the balance or the state of this skin type.




You need an appropriate smooth yet efficient cleanser to best prepare any skin type: Mavalia Comfort Cleansing Milk delicately removes make-up, impurities and traces of pollution. Its botanical extracts refresh, smoothe and soothe skin, while maintaining a good moisture balance. Mavalia Smooth Toning Lotion gently completes cleansing of the skin. Its plant extracts have astringent, refreshing, smoothing and lightly purifying properties, while helping keep a perfect moisture level. Without alcohol. To respond to the universal yet essential needs of skin: Mavalia Multivitamin Cream, applied every day in the morning and/or at bedtime, assures moisture, regeneration and protection, thanks to its nourishing botanical extracts, a vitamin cocktail, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen both highly moisturizing. It is also an excellent make-up base.